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In Beauty, Melissa Degenow
I have to tell you how wonderful it was to attend your courses on Monday at the conference in Philly. Your energy is infectious and you glow when you discuss makeup, face shapes, and foundation colors!The face shape talk had me scanning strangers' faces everywhere I went after I left. I like what you said when you mentioned that applying makeup should enhance a person's natural beauty. I have always felt that way about makeup as well. I want my clients to feel beautiful, not overly made up and unrecognizable.I too have a background in art and then went into ...
Lorraine McDaniels
I had the privilege of attending ICE in Philadelphia, PA this week end through today, and sat in on each of your amazing training sessions. Your passion for what you do is very inspiring. 
Charlene Heath
First off, I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your seminars while attending the International Spa Conference on April 2nd & 3rd and took from it several ways to improve my makeup through your valuable techniques as well as hair and glasses selection that I had all wrong! I truly appreciate your hands on and fun presentations that MADE me get my face type analyzed by the group! Many, MANY THANKS! 😉 You had AWESOME strategies on makeup application that I would like to use as a reference guide and from your breakout sessions for the face ...
Marsha Penhaker
I was extremely interested in the 3 workshops you presented and learned a great deal.Your energy and passion is very apparent and you richly deserve all the success you have achieved!

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