Should You Color Your Gray Hair? Not Necessarily.

Earlier this week I saw an article on Yahoo Shine called New Study Finds a Cure for Gray Hair—Finally. Hair color is such a personal preference and as a color expert, I am often asked for advice on my clients’ hair color. My spa does not do hair, but I can certainly help with anything color-related.

Here are few things to consider when selecting your hair color.

  1. Gray may be great for you. If you have every gotten your colors analyzed and you were a cool skin tone or categorized as a True Winter, or True Summer, then you should embrace your gray hair because it is suiting to your complexion. If you are grappling about keeping your gray hair or continuing to color it, then you should consider getting your colors done. It will give you peace of mind in your choice!
  2. Gray may not be your best bet. If you have strong yellow undertones in your skin, warm eyes, or look amazing in orange or gold clothing, I suspect gray would not be the best hair color choice for you. Therefore, you may want to consider a treatment recently discovered that may prevent or reverse the hair graying process discussed in the article link below. There also is the option of constantly dying your gray roots which can get a bit pricey!
  3. One more tip, for those of you that struggle with the aging process: define who you are and what is important and priority to you! It may be hair color perfection, healthy and radiant skin, a toned body, a healthy psyche, or fun makeup; we all have our thing! We all want to reverse the signs of aging, but you have to decide what is the best choice for you. I believe in image wellness, my spa’s principle in which you learn and create your best self on the inside and outside. There is no magic fix, but education in who you are and taking care of yourself is power and inner confidence. There is no replacement in life for that!

If you’re interested in the article, you can read it on Yahoo.

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