A Self Care Team

Many people can claim ignorance, such as “no one told me” or “my mother or father never showed me”, or “my family never valued how they looked”, etc.  First of all, if it is important to you, then the key is to educate yourself by seeking out a specialist, or read books, magazines and study informational websites.  Understanding your hair type, skin type, nail type, body type, and what fragrance type you are can impact your look everyday.  How do you think models or celebrities look better and better as they become more famous?  They learn from a team of people working on them a well as prioritizing their image to the public unless they are trying to be incognito.  I have always been a big fan of self care and self education.  In fact, I have built my two companies around this idea that education is power.  See, education does not just stop at college level.  We need to continuously educate ourselves on our bodies, both interior and exterior as we are biologically aging everyday and let’s face it, things change! But you could leverage these changes if you embraced them and had the right information at the same time, that is a potent compilation.


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